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Welcome to Gramika Legacy

Gramika Legacy is a one stop ecommerce destination where you can find unique and stunning products. We have started this exclusive ecommerce store to encourage the Indian artisans/weavers and make their products reach people. The main motive of Gramika Legacy is to bring recognition for our Indian traditional arts, designs. We are happy to motivating the talented artisans to gain global recognition for their amazing designs and products.

We all know that, India is well known country for traditional arts, designs, artists, etc. The skill of making astonishing products is being passing from the many years to the next generations. But why our artists are not getting proper recognition or profits?!.. The reason is, there is no trusted platform that believes these artists to publish or sell their products. By understanding this, Gramika Legacy has decided to provide sell their products and provide them right platform through our own ecommerce site. We also aim to eliminate the middleman exploitations by selling the weavers products directly. This increases the trust in themselves and boost them to design more beautiful products.

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Leather Shade Lamps

Clay Pottery

Kondapalli Toys

How it Works?

Gramika Legacy directly contacts the artisan/weaver. We take details like time they need to design products, checking the materials they are using, quality standards they are maintaining while designing the products.

Whenever customers place order in our ecommerce site, we place order directly to the manufacturer. We deliver products at your door step as soon as we receive them from the manufacturers. The prices will be comparatively low as they are directly coming from manufacturers along with the enhanced quality.

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